Tyvek Wristbands


NEW 2014 – buy small quantities of our A-GRADE, tyvek wristbands online – 100 / 250 / 500 / 750 or any quantity under 1000 units – BUY TYVEK WRISTBAND SHOP

TYVEK wristbands are created from woven fibres, which are squashed and pressed to form a paper-like material. TYVEK SECURITY WRISTBANDS are waterproof and non-tear. Easily applied by sticking together, each band is either 19mm or 25mm wide, all are uniquely numbered and have a special tamper-proof security element that prevents wearers from removing.

See our latest tyvek wristbands: Drinking Age Verified (Dec 2011)

Tyvek security wristbands are awesome for same-day or possibly overnight event ticket management.

Most popular are the bright neon / fluro colours which are our best seller and we hold plenty of stock of this product. PLEASE NOTE, we only hold the wider 25mm stock, 19mm would have to be specially ordered for you.

NEW TYVEK LINE: tab bands, which is a standard tyvek band with a tear-off tab, both the wristband and tab has the same number printed on both. Ideal for RAFFLE / PRIZE DRAW / 1 DRINK / TEAR-OFF ENTRY / 1 x FREE exit/return etc

REVERSE-OUT TYVEK WRISTBANDS: these are really popular with us, see artwork below, kindly note OVERLAY colours are restricted

BARCODE TYVEK wristbands (to order)

FULL COLOUR TYVEK wristbands (to order)

PATTERN STOCK TYVEK wristbands (to order)

ELEGANCE PATTERNS (full colour) wristbands (to order)

SCHOOL & CHILD SAFETY wristbands (to order)