Material Wristbands


Material wristbands are made by our lanyard manufacturer and are an ideal security wristband that is almost impossible to remove without being cut-off.  Material wristbands are secured by locking toggles these are a great momento for events, you will find people will wear them long after your function, a great form of advertising in itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in the image below is a mix of woven and screen printed material wristbands on a range of different material types, CLICK on image to enlarge

Normally the material used is a form of poly which is machine woven to order and your job spec. Artwork presented first and then all material used is PMS colour matched in accordance to your logo spec.

Our factory will first make a one-off sample which normally takes 3-4 days. We are then sent pictures of the complete job, you check and accept and then mass production will take place. Smaller orders undertaken in 10 days or less (1k-2k) while larger orders will take over 2 weeks (10k).

 FROM this (above) to this (below)

FROM this (above) to this (below)


Check out our NEW, screen printed material wristbands. A neat concept created by our LANYARD FACTORY using a rangle of poly material: TUBE/BOOTLACE or FLAT POLY.